Discover Vosker®

V150 LTE

Outdoor LTE Security Camera

No Wi-Fi? No power? No problem!

100% Wireless

VOSKER surveillance cameras work where others cannot. Thanks to 4G & LTE no Wi-Fi is required.

Installation in 5 minutes

Pre-activated SIM card, SD card, bracket and strap included.

Reliable performance

Operation with batteries, VOSKER accumulator or 12V battery.

Solar Compatible

Built-in solar panel (V200 LTE) for longer camera life.

Weather Resistant

Outdoor use under all weather conditions.

Night vision function

Infrared LEDs provide for well illuminated night shots.

Low data consumption

Designed to save data and energy for maximum uptime.

Data Plans

✔ Ready to go instantly thanks to pre-registered SIM card
✔ Always connected to the best available network
✔ No commitments

We expressly point out that a VOSKER camera has a SIM lock. The camera can therefore only be used with the SIM card included. Operation with SIM cards from other providers is not possible.

For every purpose

Easy to install in 5 minutes

Solar Power

The VOSKER V200 is equipped with a built-in solar panel for maximum running times.

Ultra fast 4G/LTE

VOSKER uses the fastest and most reliable mobile phone networks in Europe.

PIR motion sensor

The wide-angle motion sensor ensures an accurate and adjustable detection range.

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